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collection service

You can manage self-pay receivables early to reduce your clients staffing costs and the amount written off to bad debt.


The customer accounts are usually placed for a specified time frame with a set number of letters and phone contacts.

Do you want to make your company's accounts receivable more efficient? Contact Professional Accounts Service Inc today.


Based in Terre Haute, IN, we can handle delinquent accounts anywhere in the US and

most foreign countries.

Customized recovery products and services

Early out services to

reduce costs

Get self-pay receivables management as soon as accounts are determined to be self-pay balances.


We utilize notice series, phone counseling, and automated payment monitoring to manage the entire self-pay cycle.

Self-pay receivables management

For a flat fee per letter, we'll send 1 to 3 letter series of pre-collection notices. We'll direct the consumer to contact your office for payment arrangements. When you receive an acceptable payment arrangement, our service is considered complete.


You just have to pay for the notices actually mailed. If the letter series are unsuccessful, the account can automatically be placed for full-service collections.

Pre-collection letter services

We provide timely contact and resolution of those accounts that exceed 90 days in delinquency. Our full-service collection agency handles collection, skip tracing through referral, and litigations.

Traditional debt collection services

You'll face no more hassle to get your money back on bad checks. We utilize our complete collection processing services, including skip tracing through litigations, to achieve your objective. You can expect 100% of the face value. In some cases, you can expect even more. We do this for you and it costs you nothing.


We do check verification and courtesy letter services where you get face value and an NSF check fee. In Indiana, these services are available on request, and will cost you $27.50.

NSF check recovery

You'll get complete legal recovery services through our attorney network. We'll continue providing skip tracing and follow-up services on legal cases to make sure that the collection process is efficient and effective.

Legal recovery services

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